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The Alliance for Sustainability Leadership in Education (EAUC) is a British NGO that helps higher education institutions operate in a more sustainable way, and drive innovations in sustainability.[1]Founded in 1996, the organization represents more than 2 million students as of 2020.

Climate Emergency Letter

Together with Second Nature and UN Environment's Youth and Education Alliance, the EUAC organized a Climate Emergency Letter which was signed by networks representing 7000 higher education institutions, and released on 10 July 2019.[2][3]

Sustainability Exchange

The EUAC delivers the Sustainability Exchange, a platform for combining resources and experiences, which claims to be "the number one resource for sustainability in education".[4]

Sustainability commitments

The EUAC keeps track of sustainability commitments of universities and colleges, including commitments towards reaching carbon neutrality by 2050 as mandated by the Climate Change Act 2008.[5]The list of commitments covers about 200 institutions in six categories:


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