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Arcata Green Team on the scene!

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The Arcata Green Team is comprised of students in the Engr370 Energy, Technology and Society class at Cal Poly Humboldt. The goal of the first ever Green Team was to provide the City of Arcata with informational/inspirational videos and webpages on home energy use and retrofits. The Spring 2011 Arcata Green Team focused on energy retrofits, for renters, that pay themselves back during the time of a one year lease. The Arcata Green Team is very proud to present the pages below and the Phantom Menace video.

Phantom Menace Video

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Statistics from video

The Arcata Green Team saved Danielle's house 920 kWh of energy, and 8,900 gallons of water, per year. That is 2 months of electric bills, and 500 kegs worth of water, every year! If every renter in the following saved the same it would provide for the following:

If all renters in ____ Changed: It would provide energy for It would provide water for
Arcata brewing 50 million cups of coffee every year drawing 780 thousand baths every year
Humboldt County the electricity for 3,100 averages houses filling a football field sized lake, 400 ft deep
California replacing one small nuclear power plant filling three Ruth lakes
U.S.A. all of the electricity for Jamaica, El Salvador, Haiti and Ireland quenching the thirst of a quarter of the world population

More Resources!

The Arcata GreenTteam took the lead on creating the following pages to get you started, or keep you going, on saving energy:

Spring 2011 Team

The Spring 2011 team consisted of: Devin Fredericksen, Devan Hemmings, Deidre Russell, Luke Pedersen, Kristi Morton, Megan Green, Mitch Girard, Michelle Dudley, Thorin Somers, Danielle Burkhart, John Hackett

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