News articles are an offshoot of news sections in a topic, resources or place (local community action) article. Listings can be seen via our portal pages. An example of a fairly extensively developed CASwiki news article is Climate news 2018, but of course news sections of existing pages can be started off with just a few items of relevant information.

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Share news about community action for sustainability topics, or news by place.

News timelines can be a section of any existing Caswiki topic, place or resource page. When the collection of news becomes sizeable it can then be forked off into a separate news article.


If you have any comments or concerns about these guidelines you are welcome to add these to the talk page.

News relevant to topic or place

As all topic, resource or place news articles can be considered an offshoot from the relevant corresponding topic, resource or place article, they are intended for news and comment in the context of their corresponding 'home' page.

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News of interest to Citizens and community groups

CASwiki news articles have a focus on news of community action for sustainability. News from a more limited perspective eg of interest only to 'professionals' or 'experts' should be avoided.

Positive news

In line with CASwiki's "positive, 'can do' approach" (About community action for sustainability), although this is of course simply a guideline. Headlines which recognise, reinforce or perhaps even celebrate the agency and successes of active citizens and community groups are particularly welcome.

Forking content

Timeline information as a section within a page may be brief or headline type summaries with references (and links) to news sources. If a news article becomes too lengthy, it can be forked into news articles by date eg see climate news articles in Category:CASwiki topic news

Local and community news

The majority of news content in CASwiki is probably location specific. As far as possible news is included firstly in a relevant location page and then if appropriate, copied to regional, topic or resource pages.


Help out

Help out with what interests you most. As and when you can, and always at your own pace. Help by linking things up, checking for updates, checking external links, spelling and punctuation.

Experiment, test things out. Most of all - Enjoy, have fun !! - and please contribute something.

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