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2021[edit | edit source]

Kendal underlines the importance of community-led climate action, Jun 25 [1] ...Cumbria community action

The "Convention Citoyenne" delivered some strong climate recommendations to President Macron. But the assembly could have gone a lot better, Sep 24 [2]

France's citizen climate assembly: Macron's experiment under fire after more than half of the proposals from citizens dropped from the French climate law. Feb 16 [3]

2020[edit | edit source]

Global citizens' assembly planned to address climate crisis, Dec 10 [4]

UK path to net zero must be underpinned by education, choice, fairness and political consensus, urges Climate Assembly [5] Sep 10

If democracy looks doomed, Extinction Rebellion may have an answer, John Harris. [6] Aug 30 ...Community involvement UK news

In Budapest, Washington State, Paris - and Camden - Climate Assemblies are expressing voices, shifting priorities and setting policy. [7] Aug 4

France to ban heated terraces in cafes and bars. [8] Jun 27

Climate Assembly UK: Interim briefing: Post lockdown steps to aid economic recovery should drive progress to net zero target. [9] Jun 23

UK public 'supports green recovery from coronavirus crisis'. [10]

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France: La convention citoyenne pour le climat souhaite un référendum sur la Constitution et le crime d’« écocide ». [11] Jun 21

Camden approves ambitious five-year Climate Action Plan, Jun 11 [12]

France's “CONVENTION CITOYENNE” on the climate crises moves into zoomspace. [13] Apr 5

Climate Assembly UK suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak. The discussions and votes due to take place on weekend four will still take place at a later date to conclude the work of the assembly. [14] Mar 16

Comments by members of the French Citizen Climate Convention. [15] Mar 7

Why we need a new climate assembly, Letter. [16] Feb 27

Climate assembly considers flying bananas. [17] Feb 10

Climate Change: Tough questions at first UK assembly. [18] Jan 27

UK citizens' climate assembly to meet for first time. [19] Jan 22

Citizens' jury prepares to tackle climate change. [20] Jan 17

Convention Citoyenne pour le climat: What we can learn from the French Citizens' assembly on climate change? [21] Jan 15

2019[edit | edit source]

City Council responds to Oxford Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change and outlines £19m climate emergency budget. [22] Dec 16

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Climate change: Irish Youth Assembly demands action. [23] Nov 16

Climate change: Thousands invited to join citizens' assembly. [24] Nov 2 ...UK Climate news 2014 - 2019

Parliamentary Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change – A first step, but a devastating missed opportunity, Extinction Rebellion. [25] Nov 2

Sleepy Cambridgeshire village invites Swedish climate experts to help tackle climate emergency. [26] Oct 30

'We can go quicker than 2050' - Citizens assembly votes for ambitious city climate target. [27] Oct 20 ...Oxfordshire

Tyndall Carbon Targeter helps Local Authorities respond to their Climate Emergency, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. [28] Sep 23 ...UK Climate news 2014 - 2019

How do we discover what matters most to people to help them thrive? noelito. [29] Sep 14 ...Camden

First climate assembly in UK draws up wishlist for council action. [30] Jul 20 ...Camden

Cambridgeshire organisation launches radical response to climate emergency. [31] Jun 13

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