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CASwiki news articles have a focus on news of community action for sustainability. This article is an offshoot from Community involvement UK and is for news and comment in that context. Image attribution: Grue

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2021[edit | edit source]

The UKGov says they're looking for bottom-up solutions. A new campaign for community power, led by activists, tells them "We're Right Here", Dec 2[1]

"I wanted ordinary citizens to feel like they owned the chamber". A mindful review of ex-Mayor of Sheffield Magic Magid's The Art of Disruption, Mar 26[2]

"The Understanding Society Survey in 2015 showed that only 3% of people in the UK are involved in neighbourhood projects, while nearly 60% agreed, or strongly agreed, that they wanted to work together to improve their neighbourhood." Designing participation systems around people, not institutions, Tessy Britton, Feb 24, 2021.[3]

The Scottish Citizens Assembly has concluded - and one of its big proposals is a "House of Citizens", as a second chamber for Holyrood, Feb 8[4]

The newly launched UK Democracy Handbook will be a collectively created online space to inform and connect people working for a better democracy in the UK. Jan 26[5]

2020[edit | edit source]

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Councillors revolt over government plans to dismantle planning system, CPRE Kent, Dec 10...[6]Housing UK news, Towards a more democratic and climate friendly way of meeting housing need across England

Right to scrap First Past the Post won for Welsh councils.[7] Nov 18

Deep Revolution. The Alternative UK.[8] Nov 23

Local people have had to improvise during the pandemic. Could their solutions stick? John Harris[9] Nov 22

Report for government calls for a new era of 'community power', Sep 24[10] Proposals include a 'Community Power Act' to give local people power over the design and delivery of public services.

If democracy looks doomed, Extinction Rebellion may have an answer, John Harris.[11] Aug 30

How do you "engage" with British attitudes, respecting their endless variety and nuance? (and its AI) can help[12] Jul 20

What would a "new land contract" for the UK—written from scratch with fairness in mind—actually look like? Can we do some of it straightaway?[13] "We also need to invite everyone — and I mean everyone — to see what another land economy could look like. Imagine a Britain in ten years time where everyone has a basic level of security, and a stake in society. Perhaps you'd live on…"  Jun 25...Towards a more democratic and climate friendly way of meeting housing need across England

Kieran Breen FRSA on how we to achieve a more deliberative and participatory democracy. Jun 3[14]

Tomorrow Today Streets, Creating essential micro-infrastructure for post Covid 19 neighbourhoods, TessyBritton.[15] May 30...Barking and Dagenham

Universal Basic Everything by @TessyBritton[16] May 30...Towards sustainable economies UK

Parish councils: an unlikely urban safety net.[17] Apr 13...Westminster

In the UK, trust in government fell 11 percentage points in the year to Autumn 2019, Office for National Statistics.[18] Feb 20

Could a "National Citizens Assembly" replace the House of Lords? From local government and Scotland, a provocation and a proposal.[19] Jan 21

2019[edit | edit source]

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When a neighbourhood assembly becomes a community, by @kahui.[20] Dec 16...Camden

'Pop Up Tomorrow' and a journey to 2030. A report.[21] Nov 8...Visions UK

Technology will not save us from climate change – but imagining new forms of society will.[22] Oct 28...Climate change solutions, Visions

To fight climate change, science must be mobilised like it was in World War II.[23] Oct 21...UK Climate news

Becoming Unstuck With Relational Activism.[24] Oct 10

A/UK has been working with Extinction Rebellion to develop a Future Democracy Hub, now launching.[25] Sep 7

What would a new charter for radical democratic reform look like today? by @adamjlent.[26] Sep 1

First climate assembly in UK draws up wishlist for council action.[27] Jul 20...List of climate assemblies

Alternative.Camden will give people a chance to co-create the future.[28] Jul 3

How to take over your town: the inside story of a local revolution.[29] Jun 12

Flatpack-Democracy-inspired groups make advances in UK local elections.[30] May 3

Citizens Lab 1.0 by Alternative Camden.[31] Apr 23

Our public services need communitisation – not privatisation or nationalisation.[32] Mar 27

Could this community project be the start of a national transformation? George Monbiot.[33]

On the launch of Alt.Cmd [Alternative.Camden] by @joostbeunderman.[34] Jan 22

2018[edit | edit source]

Community-led commissioning - a new model, Nov 22[35]

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Oldham's Community Transformation, Nov 14...[36]Manchester

From Scotland, a proposal for a new level of self-defining community power: Development Councils, Nov 3[37]

Poeticians, micro-utopias and citizens assemblies will renew democracy, Aug 26[38]

This disastrous new project will change the face of Britain, yet no debate is allowed, George Monbiot, Aug 22...[39]Oxfordshire

Bringing Open Government to Local Governments, Jan 29[40]

2017[edit | edit source]

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Viewpoint: Imagine a future that works – for Every One, by Every One, Nov 30...[41]Barking and Dagenham

The Festival of Everyone announces full programme of events across the borough this Saturday, Nov 24...[42]Barking and Dagenham

Communities to be given 'direct voice' in local authorities' spending decisions, Oct 29...[43]Scotland news

Why We're Bringing A Hackathon To Barking and Dagenham, Sep 29[44]

Democracy? There's an app for that – the tech upstarts trying to 'hack' British politics, Jun 6[45]

Co-operative places: the five foundations of local change, May 19[46]

What if you had real power to shape where you live in a practical way? May 8[47]

Involve's new strategy – how we intend to build a democracy that works for everyone, May 2[48]

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From the pub to the Town Council: on how citizens took control of local politics, Peter MacFadyen, Apr 6...[49]Somerset

Expansion of Community Organisers Programme, Mar 2[50]

Three Rules For Helping Rebuild Communities, Feb 17[51]

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