How to record interviews using Skype[edit | edit source]

Using a Mac[edit | edit source]

Beginning the call:

  1. Open GarageBand
  2. Open Skype
  3. Type in phone number in skype but DO NOT press call
  4. In GarageBand click on "podcasts" and press "choose"
  5. Name the file, and choose where you want to save the file
  6. Choose "male voice" or "female voice" depending on the voice you are recording
  7. Press the red "record" button towards the bottom centre of the screen
  8. Once recording has started, go back to Skype and press "call" to begin the call

Finishing the call:

  1. Press the "end call" in skype
  2. In GarageBand click the red "record" button to stop recording
  3. Click the "play button" (four buttons to the right of the record)
  4. Move the slider to zero in the section to the right of the "Audio Region", then press play to hear the recording
  5. Close the program and press save when prompted to do so

Using Linux[edit | edit source]

Using a pc[edit | edit source]

  1. Download any program or add-on for Skype recording of your choice - example used here: free add-on called Pamela

Basic Specs and Pamela website link:
Pamela Call Recorder
Version: 4.6
Released: January, 06 2010
Filesize: 5.2 - 6.3Mb

2. Open Skype, make the call
3. Pamela will start automatically and ask you if you wish to record the conversation: click yes
4. Pamela recording window will open and you can track recording time and other features
5. Pamela can only record in 15 minute intervals, so if conversation is longer, when 15 minutes are up and you will have to click on the record button again
6. If you need continuous recording throughout, you will have to install/ purchase a different program or keep track of the recording time yourself to click on record as soon as 15 minutes are up

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