This article assumes you have a properly installed version of Python. If you're using the HPCVL and haven't installed your own version, then chances are you're using their broken one. I wrote some instructions for getting your own installation of python going on the HPCVL here.

Get virtualenv[edit | edit source]

Copy the link to the source from the pypi page. At the time of writing it's at version 0.8. Here's the link I found to the source:

Log into the HPCVL create a working directory

mkdir ve-working
cd ve-working

Grab virtualenv.



gunzip virtualenv-1.7.2.tar.gz
tar xf virtualenv-1.7.2.tar

Installing[edit | edit source]

cd virtualenv-1.7.2
python install

Test It[edit | edit source]

cd ~/
virtualenv myenv

I got an error. Damn.

To be continued.

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