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CASwiki news articles have a focus on news of community action for sustainability. This article is an offshoot from Sustainable transport UK and is for news and comment in that context. Image: Houseboats along the Regent`s Canal west of Camden Town, London, England. October 2012. Attribution: David Stanley from Nanaimo, Canada

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2021[edit | edit source]

We transformed a London borough into a game to get fewer people travelling by car, here's what happened, Nov 15 [1] ...Hounslow

Car-free school streets scheme expanded in Nottingham, Sep 1 [2]

Never mind going electric, where will we park? Aug 18 [3]

Ban SUV adverts to meet UK climate goals, report urges, Aug 3 [4] ...UK Climate news 2020

2020[edit | edit source]

Jun 2020 Britain still failing on climate crisis[edit | edit source]

Britain still failing on climate crisis, warn advisers [5]

“The whole thing is run by the government like a Dad’s Army operation.” Lord Deben.

Surface transport emissions in 2019 were at around the same levels that they were in 2010. That reflects an increase in demand and a move towards larger vehicles offsetting improvements in efficiency. ...Sustainable transport UK

Although buildings emissions have fallen 14% from 2008 to 2018, the sector is not well placed for the transition to zero emissions. New buildings, which will still be standing in 2050, continue to be built with fossil fuel heating. In fact, there are over a million more homes requiring zero-carbon retrofits now than when the Climate Change Act was passed. The uptake of low-carbon heating systems is almost negligible (less than 30,000 installations in 2019, whereas over a million a year will be needed by the early 2030s [6] ...Towards a more democratic and climate friendly way of meeting housing need across England

How the Slow Ways network could change walking in Britain, Jun 13 [7]

Large areas of London to be made car-free as lockdown eased, May 15 [8]

UK plans £250m boost for cycle lanes and fast-track e-scooter trials, May 9 [9]

Government to urge us all to walk and cycle more, May 9 [10]

Coronavirus: Banning cars made easier to aid social distancing, Apr 20 [11]

Madeira Drive first road to be allocated for walkers and cyclists, Apr 17 [12] ...Brighton

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‘Cities have been invaded by cars. Now they are being liberated’, Apr 7 [13] ...Birmingham

Climate change: 'Gob-smacking' vision for future UK transport, Mar 27 [14]

Electric car emissions myth 'busted', May 23 [15]

Walkers urged to help save historic footpaths before 2026 deadline, Feb 11 [16]

Buses: Government unveils £50m plan to create first all-electric bus town, Feb 6 [17]

Brighton, Bristol, York ... city centres signal the end of the road for cars, Jan 26 [18]

2019[edit | edit source]

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I applaud Bristol for banning diesel vehicles. But why not ban all private cars? Leo Murray, Nov 4 [19]

Extinction Rebellion's car-free streets showcase the possibility of a beautiful, safe and green future, Oct 16 [20]

Dundee's green revolution: council-run charging hubs and electric cabs, Aug 16 [21] ...Scotland news

Drifting into the future at 4mph: a rebirth awaits for Britain’s canals, Jan 6 [22]

2018[edit | edit source]

Memory lanes: the ramblers trying to save 10,000 lost footpaths, Dec 4 [23]

The young are falling out of love with their cars. It's an opportunity we musn't waste. Aug 8 [24]

Transport is UK's most polluting sector as greenhouse gas emissions fall, Feb 6 [25] ...UK Climate news 2014 - 2019

2017[edit | edit source]

Owning a car will soon be a thing of the past, John Harris, Oct 23 [26]

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Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham has announced Chris Boardman as Greater Manchester’s first-ever Cycling and Walking Commissioner, Jul 28 [27]

London mayor considers pay-per-mile road pricing and ban on new parking, Jun 20 [28]

Solar-charged electric buses set to hit the streets of Brighton and Hove, Apr 26 [29]

Scant evidence that road schemes produce economic benefits, but they increase traffic dramatically and damage the countryside, Mar 20 [30]

The train now standing at Platform 3 is … a Co-op? Mar 16 [31]

Inclusion and access should be at the heart of the new Bus Services Bill, Feb 14 [32]

2016[edit | edit source]

The Bus Services Bill could help transform transport through better data, Nov 22 [33]

The People’s Railway: A Cooperative Opportunity? Jun 28 [34]

2013[edit | edit source]

Buses - essential for millions without a car, Rachel Bromley, September 25 [35]

2009[edit | edit source]

Transport in transition, July 29 [36]

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