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Hello! Welcome to The Sammich Project. This portal is a small scale example on how you can document any type of information using the Appropedia platform. It's also a smart way to understand the spirit of documenting projects the Appropedia way: not focused on an exact outcome, but a platitude of similar outcomes that are attainable for different people in different circumstances and varied resources.

A sandwich (or sammich, as we call it) can be made with different ingredients and varied techniques all around the world, but the basic process remains the same. It also satisfies a very human need: hunger. As such, creating a sandwich is the best starting point to understand how and why knowledge at Appropedia is open, varied and adaptable to any context.

Feel free to explore all related pages, try your hand at making a sammich of your own and if it turns out good, document it here!

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History of the sammich
  • Sammich Origins
  • Sammiches around the world
  • Popular Sammiches
Basic Skills
  • Stacking food
  • Cutting food
  • Adding condiments
  • Serving a sammich
  • Types of bread
  • Types of meat
  • Types of cheese
  • Types of condiments
  • Additional vegetables and garnishes
Additional cooking
  • Toasted sammiches
  • Sammich stacks
  • Sub sammiches
  • Molecular sammiches
Featured Sammiches
  • Sammich 1
  • Sammich 2
  • Sammich 3
  • Sammich 4


If you have any questions or encounter any technical difficulty while navigating Appropedia, feel free to discuss it on the Project Sammich Talk page.

You can also contact us directly at We're always happy to hear from you and will reply as soon as possible.

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