The lab has purchased Dragon Naturally Speaking for dictation and transcription.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

  1. Install and Activate Dragon - insert DVD and follow instructions for set-up
  2. You will need the serial number located on the dvd envelope or the box
  3. Create User Profile
  4. Perform Audio Check - sound and volume quality - headset provided
  5. Adapt Dragon to your writing style - accesses your MS Word or e-mail files
  6. Set up Accuracy Tuning: schedule a periodical data update or configure one yourself
  7. View Dragon Tutorial

Dictation[edit | edit source]

  1. You will need to complete a training session as a part of set up which accustoms the software to your voice.
  2. To dictate simply open the word processor of your choice Word/Open Office/ Appleworks etc and start the Dragon
  3. You can also use the word processor provided by the Dragon called DragonPad which you can launch from the Tools Menu
  4. You must make sure the cursor is always on the document on which you are dictating to (click on it) otherwise the software will not be able to register your voice - example: in case you click on desktop or a web page and continue to dictate the software will not be able to type unles you bring the cursor back to the text file onto which dictation is to go.
  5.  After each dictation as you close the program, the Dragon will save the dictation to your user profile to ensure accuracyfor next time

For any additional information see the user manual or consult the Nuance website

Note: Dictation works great, but if two or more people are to speak the software first needs to learn their voice to increase the accuracy. Therefore interview transcriptions with two or more people can be difficult as training is required.

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