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Attribution: Philralph.

This page is a sort of 'global'/ shared to-do list specifically for CASwiki UK articles, and a collection of ideas for the development of UK articles. If you have comments or suggestions you are welcome to add them to our talk page. For an introductory 'How to help' article please see here. There's a separate 'global' village pump page for all other CASwiki articles.


UK stubs (category)

Easy or routine editing

Wanted pages

Fork content from an existing article

Place articles

Topic articles

News articles

any topic article with substantial enough news section

Resources articles

Event articles

see wanted pages listed on UK sustainable community events

New articles

Place articles

Topic articles

Community action projects

Resources articles

Images needed

CASwiki UK articles needing images (category)


  • see if can reallocate External links, and other resources to other sections
  • title, date and author info to all video
  • update events info on topic pages

Major projects

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