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My name is Lee. I am in my 5th year and 3rd university, Clarion at the moment. I am Majoring in French and plan to be teaching some day soon. I have a large family and a small car. I love adventures, sports, boats, just about everything that can raise my heart rate. But i can also get into more relaxed activities such as camping, reading, writing, problem solving, i can get into all types of movies, but only sitcoms on TV (exept the discovery channel, i love Man Vrs. Wild, Bear is the man) I have lived and loved large cities as well as small ones. My patience is weak, but my tolerance is strong (it makes sense to me). And i have every intention of never giving up on saving the world.


After becoming a certified firefighter at ST. Vincents college I became a volunteer firefighter for 6 years in New Kensington, PA. where i believe i have done an enormous amount for my community. When i lived in Montreal i taught young children to speak English (one of the most enjoyable experiences in my life). I have been a member of various organizations, currently the treasurer of the French club here at clarion, member of Phi Sigma Pi national honors frat. I am also currently tutoring clarion students in mathematics and french.


As I said, i will never give up, therefore i need every tool i can possibly acquire.

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