Technology refers to all tools and procedures. It is the state of knowledge and development at any given time on controlling our surroundings, and includes all tools (utensils, devices, machinery, inventions, and structures), all methods (skills, processes, and techniques), and all applied materials (both raw and manufactured). In the most general sense, technology is Man's ability to control Nature.

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to technology:

Nature of technology

Components of technology

Advancement of technology

Technological philosophy and theory

Branches of technology

Types Major fields of technology
Applied science Artificial intelligence| Ceramic engineering| Computing technology| Electronics| Energy| Energy storage| Engineering physics| Environmental technology| Materials science| Materials engineering| Microtechnology| Nanotechnology| Nuclear technology| Optical engineering
Athletics and recreation Camping equipment| Playground| Sports| Sports equipment
Information and communication Communication| Graphics| Music technology| Speech recognition| Visual technology
Industry Construction| Financial engineering| Manufacturing| Machinery| Mining
Military science Military technology| Weapon systems| Military equipment| Military training
Domestic / residential Domestic appliances| Domestic technology| Educational technology| Food products and production
Engineering Aerospace engineering| Agricultural engineering| Bioengineering| Biochemical engineering| Biomedical technology| Chemical engineering| Civil engineering| Computer engineering| Electrical engineering| Electronics engineering| Environmental engineering| Industrial engineering| Materials engineering| Mechanical engineering| Metallurgical engineering| Nuclear engineering| Petroleum engineering| Software engineering| Structural engineering| Tissue engineering
Health and safety Biomedical engineering| Bioinformatics| Biotechnology| Cheminformatics| Fire protection technology| Health technologies| Pharmaceuticals| Safety engineering
Transport Aerospace| Aerospace engineering| Marine engineering| Motor vehicles| Space technology| Transport

High tech sectors

History of technology

Main articles: History of technology and Timelines of technology

By era

Technological ages

By region

By field

Technology awards

Technology scholars

Some influential scholars and historians of technology:

Technology lists


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