Transport or transportation is the movement of people and goods from one place to another. The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to transport:

Essence of transport

Types of transport

By availability

Modes and vehicles


Animal-powered transport

Animals domesticated for transport
Animal-powered vehicles

Cable transport

Conveyor transport

Human-powered transport

Hybrid transport

Military transport

Air force transport
Army transport
Navy transport

Motorized road transport

Motorized off-road transport

Pipeline transport

Rail transport

Ship transport

Space transport

Transport on the Moon and Mars
Space transport launched from the surface of the Moon
  • Ascent stage of Apollo Lunar Module, manned, six times, 1969-1972 (return to Earth in the Apollo program)

Transportation systems




History of transport

Theory and design

Fictional and proposed future transport

Transport by region

Transport lists


Aviation articles:
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Aviation accidents and incidents:  By airline • By location • By year
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Transport museums
Land transport:
Automobiles:  Manufacturers • Truck types • Convoy codes
Cycles:  Bicycle parts • Bicycle types • Motorcycle manufacturers
Rail transport:  Heritage railways • Tram and light-rail transit systems • Melbourne tram routes • Metro systems (subways) • London Underground stations • Closed London Underground stations • Melbourne railway stations • Closed Melbourne railway stations • Named passenger trains • UK railway stations
Road systems:
Roads and highways:  Highways in Australia • UK motorways • Interstate Highways in the U.S. • U.S. Numbered Highways • State highways in the U.S.
Bridges:  UK • USA • Longest suspension bridge spans
Tunnels:  NL • NZ • UK
Maritime:  Ships • Fictional ships • Sailing boat types • Marinas
Space transport:  Spacecraft

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